WHAT Do You Believe about Moral/Ethical Issues and Why

Posted By Fred Lian on May 20, 2019 | 0 comments

Well, of course, it’s because of your worldview.  Everybody has one, says Biola adjunct professor of apologetics Ken Samples. “Whether they’re educated or uneducated, liberal or conservative, rich or poor, nonbelieving or God-fearing, all people act and live according to their particular worldview.”

Adds Glen Sunshine “Worldviews are generally CAUGHT, not TAUGHT, and usually not THOUGHT about.”  So, can you describe yours? What questions make up this worldview of yours, and more importantly, what answers to those questions do you hold?

This summer’s Adult Spiritual Formation series will begin by examining this thing called our worldview, how we came to have one, and why our neighbor’s might not share ours.  Then we’ll look at how we use it.

Philosopher Michael Palmer explains: “Through our worldview, we determine priorities, explain our relationship to God and fellow human beings, assess the meaning of events, and justify our actions.”

Topics for discussion are still open for suggestions, but so far include Gender Identify/Dysphoria; Stewardship and Socially Responsible Investing; Addictive Behaviors such as Pornography; Physician Assisted Suicide/ Euthanasia; and Artificial Intelligence.  Have a topic of special interest that you would like to have discussed?  Contact David Shahan or Pastor Fred quickly as topics are limited.

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