Core Values

To fulfill the following Core Values, GracePoint will:

1. Exalt God as Sovereign Lord of the universe (it’s all about Him)

  • everything concerning the life of GracePoint will be about honoring, glorifying, and worshiping God
  • our spiritual mentality will be that “it’s not about us”

2. Emphasize the spiritual potential of every person

  • recognize that everyone is created in the image of God
  • strive to see each person through the eyes of God
  • catalyze people to be all God intended them to be

3. Excel in intentional ministry

  • pursue relationship with God rather than acts of religion
  • strive to conform to God’s will rather than surrender to man’s agenda

4. Expect excellence in every ministry

  • God will receive our best because He gave us His best
  • encourage the best from ourselves and from others

5. Embrace unselfishness and uphold integrity

  • our motives and actions will be measured by God’s standard
  • identify the needs of others and practically meet those needs
  • promote intimate community

6. Empower the people of God to build the kingdom of God
To help Christians impact the world for Christ through

  • motivation
  • preparation
  • mobilization

7. Engage God’s heart for what can be and should be

  • intimately connect with the passions of God’s heart
  • intentionally invite God’s power to ignite GracePoint’s potential